Ek Tha Gadha!

Once upon a time, there was a Navaab. There was a Kotvaal, and there was a Ramkali. There were some darbaaris and chintaks. There was Devilal paan vaala. There was Natthu darji and Juggan dhobi, and there were nagariks. There once was a Sutradhar and then there was Aladad Khan.. Oh, and once upon a time, there was also an ass. Here's a comedy that tells all of their intertwined stories. Once upon a time, "Ek Tha Gadha!"

एक था गधा !

एक समय की बात है, एक था नवाब। एक था कोतवाल, और एक थी रामकली। कुछ दरबारी थे, कुछ चिंतक थे, और एक था देवीलाल पान वाला। एक था नत्थू दर्जी और एक जुग्गन धोबी और कुछ थे नागरिक। एक था सूत्रधार और फिर एक था अलादाद खाँ। प्रस्तुत है एक हास्य व्यंग्य से भरा नाटक जो सुनाता है इन सब की उलझी सुलझी कहानी। एक समय की बात है, "एक था गधा!"

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Full Reviews:

Satire Works Well - Review by Sandeep Krishnamurthy

Pratidhwani's Gadha is Masterful - Review by Shalini Koduri. This review was published in the June edition of Seattle South Asian (page 12).

सिएट्ल में एक था गधा - दुर्गाप्रसाद अग्रवाल का स्तम्भ

सियैटल में प्रतिध्वनि द्वारा 'एक था गधा' का मंचन - अभिनव शुक्ल का लेख

Viewer Comments:

I watched tonight’s opening performance of ‘Ek Tha Gadha’ and I loved the show. I want to congratulate the entire team for a very successful show. The production reflected the hard work that you put in as the Director and of your talented cast and crew. Mukesh Dimri as Navab was outstanding. He delivered the long speeches with ease and confidence along with bringing variations in his voice and tone. The music and the songs were superb and it added more color to the already colorful show. I want to commend the set designer for creating an attractive market and the costume coordinator for a job well done. Once again, congratulations and best wishes for the remaining shows.

- Nanda Tewari

Congrats on creating such a vivid and lively play for our eyes to feast on. The play has everything- pun, humor, satire and some touching thought-provoking moments... There were the dialogues of the Navaab that made me laugh so hard that I could not stop the giggles even after the dialogues were complete... Maggie did a great job on lights.

I enjoyed the ek tha show.

- Stuti Garg

Congratulations!! The show last night was fabulous - loved the concept. Good job! Good show guys !!

- Manisha Chainani

I really enjoyed the play, you all did so well!!! It was HILARIOUS!!!!! The nawab kicked butt, he was perfect for the role! All the hard work you put into this play, was well worth it, you all were just amazing.

- Shay Samy

I was beyond impressed with the production! The voices, the delivery, the music, the stage presence were beyond fantastic. I wish I had a favorite character, but I found them all equally fantastic. From the paanwala, to the Gadha owner, to those three beautiful women with non-expressive (yet so expressive) faces! I was laughing so much that I just know I missed many of the nuances and really cannot wait to come again!

- Sangeeta Naidu-Prasad

Although the promotional materials made me think I was attending a light-hearted comedy, what I experienced was a well-performed and deeply thought provoking political satire... Mukesh Dimri was masterful in the role of nawab exhibiting a profound stage presence along with the ability to remember hundreds of lines. Gurvinder played the corrupt kotwal with convincing elan ... a professional job by all involved. In addition to the actors and those who worked behind the scenes, congratulations are due to the prolific Agastya Kohli for making drama relevant to the South Asian community in the Seattle area.

- Sandeep Krishnamurthy

Congratulations to everyone involved with Ek tha Gadha for putting such a wonderful performance together and hats off to Agastya for being the awesome director that he is ... Mukesh Dimri is an outstanding actor - even though the Nawab rambles in the play, and one usually ignores such speeches when a politician is speaking, Mukeshji's voice and dialogue delivery had the audience riveted... Guru has tremendous stage presence and more than once warmed the audience with his antics on stage... Special mention to music and lighting both of which were very appropriate and professionally executed.

-Shruti Dixit

Tremendous job at the play yesterday. The whole act was completely professional. All the actors were totally appropriate for the role... Kotval, rocking performance - cycle ride was hilarious - loved it!... Script and acting make this a must-watch... Superb show!

- Zeenat Arsiwalla

Congratulations Agastya - GREAT SHOW! Enjoyed it very much. I loved the way you cleverly punctuated the excellent writing. and a great Nawab!

- Niranjan Benegal

Everything was great! The script, the performances, the direction, and the score was superb too.

- Akshay Johar

What a delight to be able to come to the play! I had a great laugh and it was so witty...the play of the language...it was great.

- Amita Gupta

Ek Tha Gadha was amazing, the quality, professionalism, acting, everything! The Kotwal was hilarious! A classic piece of comedic acting

- Kamal Janardhan

I watched Gadha on Friday and I thought it was really well done. Congrats to you and your crew!!! Definitely let me know when the next show is happening.

- Sachin Agrawal

If you haven't seen Ek tha gadha last weekend then don't miss the show next weekend. The cast's performance is a must see :) They have done an excellent job. Kudos to Agastya for coming up with such a great way of exit & entry of actors and involving the audience in it.

- Tushita Sinha

Congratulations on the beautiful presentation of Gadha! All the actors did an amazing job, especially the Nawab. I also liked the 3 darbaris (girls) who had to keep the same expression for 2 hours... With so much going on on the stage, it must be tough to not react to anything. That was simply superb! Kudos to the cast and crew and you for directing such an entertaining play. We enjoyed the show very much!

- Prashanthi Chitre

GO WATCH EK THA GAHDA URF ALADAD KHAN!! Hilarious drama on the nature of politics anywhere, anytime!!

- Amrita Srivastava

Enjoyed it a lot. Very funny and very well executed.

- Gagan Gupta

Topis off to you all... Mukta Jhalani as Ramkali - a real firecracker... You know the play is good when the audience is audibly laughing... When are you all coming out with a soundtrack?

- Shalini Koduri

This is indeed a great show and I'm so glad I came in to watch last Sunday! Loved the script, and the actors have really bought it to life. The songs add a different rhythmic flavor to the play and I was humming this tune all evening - "Aaye Nawaab aaye". My favorite shot was the first grand entrance of the nawaab, it was superb. Don't miss the opportunity to watch this show, it's worth watching twice!

- Zainab Hakim

Too good, i saw it on friday night and i guess a sort of smile stuck on me for the whole show, it was like each and every part of the play made me laugh. It has made me love plays, this was truly my first play and i enjoyed each and every part of the play ! Well done everyone !

- Chandra Garre

मैंने आज आपका यह नाटक देखा. वैसे यह नाटक मैं अलग-अलग दलों की प्रस्तुति के रूप में कम से कम चार बार पहले भी देख चुका हूं. लेकिन, बिना किसी हिचक के कहना चाहूंगा कि आज की प्रस्तुति सबसे बढिया थी. इसके लिए निर्देशक के साथ ही आप सब कलाकार भी बधाई के पात्र हैं.

- दुर्गा प्रसाद अग्रवाल



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