कन्यादान | KANYADAAN
A Play in Hindi | May 14th - 23rd, 2010, Ethnic Cultural Theatre, Seattle
Written By - Vijay Tendulkar
लेखक - विजय तेंडुलकर
Directed By - Agastya Kohli
निर्देशक - अगस्त्य कोहली
Presented by - Pratidhwani
प्रस्तुतकर्ता - प्रतिध्वनि

Kanyadaan Showing In Portland

Show Timing: Sunday - July 11, 2010 (4 PM- 7 PM)
Venue: JFCC Auditorium, Intel Jones Farm Campus
General Admission: $12 at the door, $10 in advance
Email: HindiSangamSamiti@yahoogroups.com
Phone: Geeta Pandey - 503-645-7068, Prabha Awasthi - 503-439-1291


Nath and his wife Seva have always worked hard to defeat the monster of casteism. Now their daughter has chosen a dalit to be her husband and Nath couldn't be more proud of his daughter. But Seva has some reservations. This very personal story of a close-knit family invites you to reexamine much larger social issues. It will challenge your notions of opportunity and discrimination, and of oppression and equality. Is there always a right and wrong? Is it always easy to tell which is which?


नाथ और उनकी पत्नी सेवा सदा ही जातिवाद रूपी राक्षस के विरुद्ध लड़ते रहे हैं. उनकी बेटी ने अब अपने लिए एक दलित लड़का पसंद किया है, और नाथ को अपनी बेटी पर बहुत गर्व है. किन्तु सेवा के मन में अभी भी कुछ आशंकाएं हैं. इस छोटे से परिवार की यह अत्यंत निजी कथा आपको कई बड़ी सामाजिक विसंगतियों पर पुनः विचार करने के लिए आमंत्रित करती है. अवसर और भेदभाव के प्रति, शोषण और समानता के प्रति आपके मन में जो भी छवि है, उस छवि पर यह कथा कई प्रश्न चिह्न लगा देगी. क्या हर विवाद में एक सही और एक गलत पक्ष होता ही है? क्या सही और गलत का भेद सरलता से किया जा सकता है?

What are viewers saying about Kanyadaan?

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Viewer Comments

"What an intense performance by the 'Kanyadaan' team in this play ..... Folks should not miss the last showing at 4pm Sunday to witness the amazing local talent we are privileged to have ... thank you team for amazing experience."

--Anurag Naidu

"Thanks for picking a play the presents complex characters... they were layered, complex, complicated and each in their own way complicit and resisting the social pressures. It was such a relief to watch 'desi' theater that captured aspects of real life. The cast did a wonderful job too."

--Bipasha Mukherjee

"Something that makes you think, question your moralities, ponder on your idealist principles, wonder about your true identity.... At least, that is what Kanyadaan did to me... A thought-provoking offering from the bejeweled crown of Prathidhwani's drama wing..."

--Tanvee Kale

"Pratidhwani's Kanyadaan is a MUST WATCH! I watched their first show last evening and was blown away. The story haunts you, questions your choices, your values. Who you were, who you've become. Grab your tickets before they're all gone! Yesterday was a Full house!"

--Deboshree Dutta

"Congratulations to you and the crew! Both of us really enjoyed the drama, I think you excelled yourself with Kanyadaan. Very impressive! Great job once again. IMO, Pratidhwani's strongest play till date ... no one should miss it."

--Suvabroto Roy

"... the play had me engrossed... There is a very different and unorthodox message which needs to come through and it came through pretty well... “Yeh hota hai na play!" is what my dad told me... I think this is a great play for the Drama wing. Give my best to the full team."

--Gurvinder Pal Singh

"Can idealism be emascualting? When does idealism turn into patriarchal dominance? Is there a role for human agency o does societal structure always condition outcomes? Can we excuse the exploitation wreaked by the exploited ? Several interesting conversations - see Kanyadaan at ECT!"

--Meenakshi Rishi

"Just saw Vijay Tendulkar's "kanyadaan" in Hindi staged by Pratidhwani at the ECT - a very moving powerful layered script very ably interpreted by the actors and the director! Probably pratidhwani's best play I've seen (or acted in)".

-- Sagar Khare

"I loved the play! hats off to the team!! tendulkar succeeds yet again in provoking thoughts & dialog about a social issue most of us do not tackle. I think jyoti was superbly courageous... the way she chooses to live by the ideals she has been imparted, even tho her dad doesn't... how she confronts him and exposes his own hypocrisy... and how she realizes through her experiences... the good and bad are all within each of us - its a 'package deal' one chooses to accept or not!!"

-- Pallavi Agarwal

"It is a serious, thought provoking play... In the end you are left wondering whether to root for Jyoti who wants to conquer her demons or to encourage and support her to come to her senses. The fighter in me wants to join Jyoti in her battle and condemn her dad; the dad in me fears for her and wants to rescue her."

-- Krishnan Menon