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Pratidhwani Invites Submissions for ‘Refugees in the Garden City’


Pratidhwani and React Theatre are inviting self-tape auditions for their upcoming world premiere production of Refugees in the Garden City by Jim Moran, Directed by David Hsieh.


Rehearsals will begin in January 2023, and performances run March 24 through April 16, 2023, at the Isaac Studio, Taproot Theatre.


Character Break Down:


We’re inviting self-tapes for the following two characters:


RHIANNON – A bright young American woman with a subtle determination. She has a sardonic wit which is often used to shield her fears and vulnerabilities. White American, female presenting, early 30s.


ARJUN – An immigrant to the US with an upbeat personality that sometimes serves as a mask for a recent trauma. He has an ambition to earn an impressive nest egg for himself and his new family, which perhaps creates some blindspots. Indian (ideally southern Indian), male presenting, early 30s


Actors cast in these two roles will receive a stipend of $300.


How to submit audition:


Please fill out this form (or copy/paste this URL in your browser: ) with your contact information and any date conflicts or time preferences for rehearsals. 


Sides (script excerpts) are available here (or copy/paste this URL into your browser: ). Select the monologue for the character you're interested in auditioning for, record a performance of the scene, upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video, and include the link in the audition form. See more information about how to record and submit a self tape below. You may also attach your theatre resume and/or a headshot to the form. Audition submissions (form with YouTube link) are due by Dec 10th.


For more information about Pratidhwani, please visit For more information about React Theatre, please visit For any questions regarding this production or about either of the companies, please email



Agastya Kohli

Artistic Director, Pratidhwani Drama Wing.


What Is a Self-Tape?


A self-tape is an audition video that an actor records and films themselves. Typically, the performer will act out a scene or monologue, at the request of a casting director, in hopes of landing a role. Historically, casting directors have required actors to perform in-person auditions. However, it has become commonplace in the modern-day entertainment industry for actors to submit self-tapes for casting calls.


How to Make a Self-Tape

Follow these step-by-step instructions to record your self-tape at home. 


1. You do not have to memorize the text, but the more you’re able to look up from the page so that the camera can see you, the better it is.


2. Set up your self-tape studio. Set up a neutral backdrop. Mount your camera on an at-home tripod to arrange the correct frame, capturing the top third of your body (at least down to your waist). Record in Horizontal orientation - not vertical. Do NOT sit at a desk and record a ‘zoom’ version of your performance.


3. Eliminate background noise. Minimize background noise in your self-taping space to ensure the best possible sound quality. Shut any windows to prevent ambient noise from drifting in from off the street. 


4. Introduce yourself - your name and which character you're reading for - before you begin your monologue. If you have any conflicts with the rehearsal dates, feel free to mention those as well. 


5. Edit the video. Using at-home editing software, you may clean up your best take so that the beginning and end of the video seem smooth and seamless. Include the full take, and do not stitch multiple ones together.    


6. Submit the tape. Follow the instructions that the casting director provided to submit your taped audition (in our case - upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video, and include the link in the audition form).

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