Becoming Jairaj (and Viswas)... or: how I learned to stop worrying and Dance like a man.

By Jay Athalye

Let’s begin from the beginning… of this year.

I think it was January when Tanvee, my wife, mentioned that she will be part of Pratidhwani drama’s next production where she will play a dancer. That’s the first time I heard about Dance Like a Man.

“So you will be dancing?”, I asked matter-of-factly. Given the name of the play and the fact that it was Tanvee, I was merely putting two and two together. “Maybe... I don’t know”, she muttered, not looking away from her laptop, probably updating a couple of spreadsheets with dancer allocations while simultaneously replying to the thirty odd emails she received that evening while she was busy in practice.

Wait, back up a little.

Some extra background. Tanvee has been the co-lead of the dance wing of Pratidhwani for about four years and as her outgoing production of sorts, she played the lead character in Yours, Mallika along with being part of the core team coordinating on and offstag