Special Fundraising Drive for Covid-19 Relief


O2 for India is an all-volunteer initiative, bringing together individuals across sectors, that is working with local partners and international vendors to get Oxygen concentrators, cylinders, PPEs, and other critical supplies to underserved COVID-19 hit areas in India. 

The healthcare infrastructure in semi-urban and rural areas is crumbling or is absent, and the situation is expected to worsen in the coming weeks. There is an immediate need to add temporary COVID centers and support existing hospitals and community health centers with critical equipment and labor. We are confident that this effort will save many lives. But we need YOU.


Our team includes a group of logistics and supply chain experts focused on implementing efficient and equitable resource allocation and sharing. Our team in India has already worked with COVID centers in Delhi that have saved hundreds of lives in the first ten days. This team has identified COVID centers and district-level hospitals that need support, and are standing by to ship equipment to these areas of need. Our team outside India has already helped our partners acquire thousands of Oxygen concentrators. This team is identifying more international suppliers to meet the growing demand. 

Please contribute what you can as soon as you can. Every little bit helps. Oxygen concentrators cost between $500 to $3000 depending upon the flow rate, Oxygen concentration and country of origin. At least 100,000 additional concentrators are needed, along with Oxygen plants and other supplies and equipment. 

100% of funds raised will be used towards the purchase and distribution of COVID aid to India. Detailed records of all expenditures will be available to financial supporters and the general public and updates will be posted with every shipment. We will share ground reports and updates regularly.


US Team:

The coordination team in the US includes the following:

1) Ankur Mani (IIT Delhi, MIT alumnus), Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota.

2) Dheeraj Mehta (USC alumnus), Software Development Manager, Amazon Music

3) Lavanya Marla (IIT Madras, MIT alumna), Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

4) Pallavi Garg (GIM alumna), Lead, Product Management, PATH

5) Rohit Dube (IIT Delhi, University of Chicago alumnus), Managing Director, Liontree Advisors

6) Varun Gupta (IIT Delhi, CMU alumnus), Associate Professor, University of Chicago


India Team:

The team in India is a cross-sector group of stakeholders that can drive things quickly on the ground. The team is led by the following people.

1) Ashish Kansal (IIT Delhi, Georgia Tech alumnus), Managing Director, SMPP (SM Carapace Armor)

2) Milind Sohoni (Georgia Tech alumnus), Deputy Dean and Professor, Indian School of Business

3) Sarang Deo (IIT Bombay, IIMA, UCLA alumnus), Professor, Indian School of Business

4) Varun Aggarwal (Netaji Subhas Institute of Tech, MIT alumnus), Chief AI Officer, SHL; CURE; Impactpreneurs



1) Rear Admiral Anil Kumar Verma (Retd.), Former Chairman and Managing Director, Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited, Kolkata and Past Chairman Confederation of Indian Industries(CII), Eastern India

2) Gunjan Veda, Senior Advisor, The Hunger Project and The Movement for Community-led Development, Former: Officer on special duty at the planning commission of India

3) Nita Sachan, Vice President, Endiya Partners (a healthcare focussed venture capital firm), Former member of Telangana COVID taskforce

4) Ritu Chakrabarti, Associate Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

5) Shantanu Mathur (IIT Delhi, Dartmouth University alumnus), CEO, BigShyft.com


We will route supplies through reputable organizations such as PATH, Mission Oxygen, and Rotary Club

Vendors: 1MG, IndustryBuying

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