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Our Organization

Pratidhwani has four artistic wings - Light music, Classical music, Dance and Drama - and a Youth Board which nurtures young talent. Each wing has its own independent mission, but cross-wing interaction and collaboration are Pratidhwani's hallmark.

Pratidhwani Drama

Since its inception, the Pratidhwani Drama wing has worked on carving out a niche for itself in the Seattle theater scene.

Unlike some other performing arts, drama is heavily dependent on language. In order for a team to perform a play and more importantly for an audience to enjoy it, every one involved must understand the language the play is performed in. While at first glance, this may seem like a hindrance, the drama wing sees this dependence as an advantage and a strength.

Like our audience, our members are also multi-lingual and multi-cultural. This gives us a unique perspective. Not only does it give us an opportunity to stage plays in different languages from the Indian subcontinent (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, etc), but it also provides us a platform to experiment with plays based on the experiences of the international Indian diaspora.

Pratidhwani Dance 

We dance for fun. We dance to enthrall. We dance like the whole world is watching! 


Pratidhwani Dance is a bunch of slightly crazy, slightly ambitious, and phenomenally fun folks who are completely, totally, irrevocably addicted to dance! 


We perform at various locations in and around the Greater Seattle area. But it's our in-house productions that we are most passionate about.

Pratidhwani Light Music

The Light Music wing showcases Pratidhwani's pop music talents. We explore every possible genre of South Asian light music, from Bollywood to Tollywood, Rabindra Sangeet to Folk Music and also music from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Our accomplished group of musicians and vocalists has performed all over Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for organizations including UW Libraries, Rotary Club of Tri-cities, Indian Cultural Association of Portland, Indian Association of Boise and IAWW among others.

Pratidhwani Classical Music 

A pristine art form is like beautiful bird in our hands - we can nourish it and set it free to fly across the blue skies and revel in that glorious image, or let it starve and die to be lost forever. It is in all our hands.

With this philosophy in mind, the Classical Music Wing is focused on making the world around us aware of the magnificent beauty that exists in various Indian classical art forms, and nurturing local talent by organizing concerts and educational workshops by artists based in the Pacific Northwest, who seriously practice, teach and perform the Indian classical arts.

Pratidhwani Youth Board

Inspiring the next generation to discover their cultural roots and interpret it the way they want to.

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