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While live performances have taken a back seat during the pandemic, artistic expression has found new ways. Today we are excited to launch a new series of short videos - Pratidhwani presents Pratibimb - Reflections from our Community.

This series has the potential of being many things to many people. Over time, we expect it to take many shapes and forms, accommodate multiple visions, in many - or any! - languages. Artistic expression has no need to respect any artificial boundaries as far as Pratibimb is concerned. 

Our own Aarti Tiwari helped us launch the series with a recitation of Katyayani's Hindi poem हॉकी खेलती लड़कियाँ (Hockey Khelti Ladkiyan), followed by a great rendition of Amrita Pritam's मैं तुझे फिर मिलूँगी (Main Tujhe Phir Miloongi) and we continue to add more episodes to the series. 

If you are interested in contributing to this series, please contact us at

See all installments of Pratibimb below - and check back often as we add more in the days to come!

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