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Hai Dum 2020

Hai Dum! is back after a half-decade hiatus!

Hai Dum - a dance-drama competition first introduced by Pratidhwani in 2013 and 2014 returns to stage for just one weekend in May 2020.


The main idea : Creating four (or more if there are enough participants) new dance-dramas  in 4 weeks, with randomized team generation!

We come up with themes and put all of them in a basket. 

We write up the names of directors and put them all in another basket. 

We write up names of script writers and put them all in a third basket. 

We write up names of all choreographers and put them in a fourth basket. 

We write up names of all dancers and put them in a fifth basket. 

We write up names of all actors and put them in a sixth basket. 


A neutral party will then start by picking up a theme, a director, a script writer, a group of choreographers, dancers and actors from these "baskets of randomness". And in doing so will formulate our first team for Hai Dum. And so on and so forth - so we form as many teams as many as the number of director-scriptwriter duos in the baskets.


The director-scriptwriter and choreographers get a week before the actual practices will start to formulate the story, the script, the dances that will help the story based on the theme picked. And then the practices will begin with the full troupe. 


The coup de grace - we present this as a competition :). We will hope to have a panel of "judges" and audience voting to vote for the dance drama they enjoyed the most! So yep peeps - it's a competition!


What Pratidhwani will provide: Besides a stage where we perform these plays, we will have a group of mentors who will help you through the process of directing, script writing - anything that you need. There will be a sets group who can help you out with your set needs. We will do the light design for you based on your requirements. And of course music editing. Costumes - should mostly be procured from the vast repository of costumes that Pratidhwani has and that will be shared with your costume lead. 

You will get a fixed budget that you can use to spend on whatever it is that you would like to spend on. 


What we would like from you - to have fun and create some magic :) 


If you are interested ( and even if you are not ) - please fill out this form by Friday, Jan 17th 2019 :

For any questions, please email

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