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Pratidhwani and Asha for Education proudly present the 10th annual

Dr. Sharad Gadre Memorial Diwali Concert


Indradeep Ghosh on violin, Kuntal Roy on tabla, and Richard Russell on sarod.

Dr. Sharad Gadre Memorial Diwali Concert
Dr. Sharad Gadre Memorial Diwali Concert
Nov 10, 2019, 10:00 AM
University Heights Center

About Dr.Sharad Gadre

Diwali morning concerts are a tradition that started a few decades ago in India, and Dr. Sharad Gadre performed in the first morning Diwali concert here in Seattle in 2009. He passed away soon after, and the following year some of his students performed in the 2010 Diwali concert, in his memory. This year marks the 10th annual Dr. Sharad Gadre Memorial Diwali Concert.

Dr. Sharad Gadre was a musician of the Gwalior persuasion, and a wonderful 'method' teacher. He had imbibed and internalized the Gwalior style of Khayal, and had a remarkable sense of layakari in his music.

An Engineer and Computer Scientist by profession, he taught and guided several young musicians in the Seattle area, and created a software program called RagaParichaya, to aid in the learning of basic material in Hindustani Music. His collection of Abhangs, in ragas representing the eight prahars of the day, and tracing the various stages and sentiments of the saint Tukaram's own spiritual growth in life, and various other bandishes bear testimony to his creative mind as a composer, and clarity in the subject of Raga music.

Indradeep Ghosh

Indradeep Ghosh


Indradeep is the only Indian Classical Violist to play a unique, custom made five-string Violin and Viola with eight sympathetic strings, modeled after the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle which gives a fuller tone and resonating affect. Over the years he has extensively performed all over the world and was featured in some notable events including the 10th Asia Festival in Barcelona, SXSW music festival at Austin, USA, Learn Quest Music Festival, Boston, USA, Tansen-Tyagaraja Music and Dance Festival, Rajahmundry, India Festival Du Bout Du Monde, France, the YOMAD Festival in Croatia, Yoga—Vidya Music Festival in Germany to name a few. Web:


Kuntal Roy


Despite coming from a non-musical family and growing up in rural Bengal, Kuntal Roy was initiated into tabla at an early age by Sri Narayan Chandra Haldar. He continued his study under Sri Radha Raman Nath, a senior disciple of Pandit Anindo Chatterjee from 1984, a year after he was accepted in Rama Krishna Mission, Rahara, for his academic studies. In the quest of furthering his knowledge, Kuntal became a disciple of the legendary tabla player and teacher Pandit Shankar Ghosh in 1991. He also receives frequent talim on tala layakari and concept of South Indian Rhythm from his guruji’s son, Sri Bikram Ghosh. Web:


Richard Russell


A disciple of world-renowned sarod master Ali Akbar Khan, Richard Russell spent many years studying the vocal and instrumental styles of Hindustani classical music. After earning his BA in music composition, he attended the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, CA, while simultaneously earning his MA from Antioch University with a concentration in Indian music. He is a prolific composer, performer, recording artist and teacher dedicated to the philosophy that sacred music has a unique potential to open the heart, stir the soul and raise the level of peace and joy in our world. Recognized as one of the early pioneers of east/west fusion, he is both a respected innovator and sought-after collaborator in the field of world music. Web:

Parking: University Heights Center has parking in its own lot. There is free street parking as well. Please pay attention to parking signs/limits.


Accessibility: The auditorium is on top floor, there is no elevator, but there is a chair lift available at the SW entrance (off Brooklyn Ave) with a maximum capacity of 550 lbs. Call UHeights staff for assistance at (206) 235-8567.

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