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An Evening of Story Telling

Pratidhwani is teaming up once again with Tasveer and KUOW to present another StoryWallahs.

StoryWallahs is an evening of storytelling where anyone from the South Asian community can sign up for a chance to tell (up to) a five-minute story related to the evening’s theme. This time around, the theme is “What's in Your name?" 

Tell us the story of your name, its origin, how it contributed to your personality, the sticky, and perhaps comical situations it has brought about.  

Care to share your story? Sign Up to be a Story Teller.

Speakers are chosen randomly. Signing up is not a guaranty that you will be selected.

This episode of StoryWallahs is presented as a part of Tasveer's South Asian Litfest.


Admission to this episode of StoryWallahs is FREE! But registration is required.


Click HERE to register for tickets.

Tickets & Showtime


Saturday, Jan 12th, 2019.

8:00 PM


Admission is Free.

Please REGISTER for Tickets.

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